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*Tyranids: Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore (10% Off - Online Exclusive)

£45.00 £40.50

When a Sporocyst has made planetfall, it will spread its chitinous shell and burrow into the ground like a tick in unprotected flesh. Once embedded, the Sporocyst coughs out clouds of polluting microorganisms that denature the planet’s atmosphere until the air is ripe for digestion.

Mucolid Spores move swiftly through the air, exploding with lethal force once they close with their target - making them a deadly obstruction for enemy flyers.

This 124-piece plastic kit makes one Sporocyst and one Mucolid Spore. The Sporocyst is armed with five deathspitters which can be replaced by barbed stranglers or venom cannons. You also get 6 x 25mm round bases, 1x100mm round base and 1x 40mm round base and enough pieces to build 6 Spore mines.

This kit can alternatively be built as a Tyrannocyte. The full rules for using the Tyrannocyte and the Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore in games of Warhammer 40,000 are included in White Dwarf Issue 41.