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How We Got Stared

It all started after getting my first pop in a subscription box, after receiving that first one, i got completely hooked on pops. I used to go out and buy every one i could find. Until eventually I thought about selling them myself when my job i had at the time ended.  I started off small at home selling a few pops on Facebook pages, Ebay and eventually setting up the Mymysterychest website. From there the business grew very fast, many thanks to great Facebook page admins, allowing me to advertise and run promotions on their pages. After a few months it had already outgrown the space we had at home, and I had to decide if to take an office or a shop, with a shop being the final decision. 

Several premises we had out eye on fell through, with them being let by the landlords directly or being signed for just before we went in to do so. We eventually settled on a shop in Thunderton Place in Elgin, where we have slowly grown the shop from a few shelves of pops to now being crammed to the brim and us thinking of taking a larger store. 

We could never of done all this without the regular and loyal customer base we have both online and in store. With many of them now being considered as friends, not just customers We would like to say a big thank you to everyone and we hope you continue to choose us over others when it comes to your pops and other products.