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*Astra Militarum: Armoured Sentinel (15% Off)

£27.50 £23.38

Bullets fly and shrapnel fills the air, but the Armoured Sentinels of the Genestealer Cults stride forward without pause. Those who underestimate the bravery of their cultist pilots will be made to pay with their lives, for when fighting as a squadron, these walkers can tear apart enemies far greater in bulk. Multi-lasers spit incandescent volleys, missile launchers sow death amongst concentrations of infantry and lascannons blast smoking holes in the hulls of enemy tanks. Should the Armoured Sentinels find themselves the target of an enemy assault, they are far from defenceless – pistons hiss and hydraulics thump as flamethrower-armed walkers stomp forward, incinerating indiscriminately.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Sentinel. This 59-piece kit contains all of the components to make either an Armoured or Scout Sentinel, and includes two Cadian and two Catachan pilot heads. Also supplied are all of the weapon variants mountable on a Sentinel, including: a multi-laser, a heavy flamer, an autocannon, a lascannon, a plasma cannon and a missile launcher. Model supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.

The Sentinel in the image above has been modified with icons from the Genestealer Cults Upgrade Frame, included with the Neophyte Hybrid Squad.