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*Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game - Mines of Moria (Online Exclusive 10% Off)

£18.75 £16.88

Driven into the mines following their close encounter with the Watcher in the Water, the Fellowship now have but one choice – to venture forwards into the long dark of Moria. Putting their trust in Gandalf to lead them through the gloom, the Fellowship enter the Mines of Moria and on to the once great Dwarven city of Dwarrowdelf. As the Fellowship cross the city, Gimli notices light coming from a small room and races to it, in the hope of finding his kin. However, all that is discovered is the tomb of Balin and the remains of a battle held within the tomb long ago.

This product contains a set of plastic terrain for use in games of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, themed around the battle that took place in Balin's Tomb within Moria.

This set includes the parts to build the following terrain elements:

- 1x Balin's Tomb
- 1x Well
- 1x Doors set (can be assembled without glue to enable the doors to swing open and closed)
- 4x Pillars
- 2x Trap Doors
- 4x pieces of additional scatter terrain (including one which features a treasure chest)