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*Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game - Orc Shaman on Warg (10% Off Online Exclusive)

£27.50 £24.75

There are some Orcs who worship the Dark Lord with such obsession that they have even started to dabble in the art of dark magics. These shamans direct the fury of the Dark Lord's Orcish hordes towards their enemies, turning an ordinary rabble of Orcs into a raving bloodthirsty wall of metal and snarling flesh.

If you're looking to enhance the fighting prowess of your Orc warriors, look no further than the dark sorceries of an Orc Shaman. Whether supporting your main infantry advance or a flanking force alongside a pack of Warg Riders, they make excellent force multipliers. Both of these models can be used to represent either a Mordor Orc Shaman or an Angmar Orc Shaman.

The set contains two metal miniatures – one on foot and the other mounted on a Warg – supplied with 1x Citadel 40mm Round Base and 1x Citadel 25mm Round Base.