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*Venerable Land Raider (Online Exclusive) 10% Off

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The Land Raider is considered the finest land-borne transport in the Adeptus Terra, and those of the Custodian Guard are the most venerated of all. The tank’s adamantium hide, massively thick and layered with ceramite reinforcement, has such incredible resilience that it can drive through a barrage of artillery fire without slowing. When the metal-toothed jaws at the front yawn wide, the Custodian Guard within charge out to smash the enemy lines into disarray.

The Venerable Land Raider is armed with twin-linked lascannon sponsons, which can be modelled to the front or rear of the vehicle, and features a twin-linked heavy bolter. All of these weapons can be either glued into place or slotted in enabling them to be rotated towards their intended targets during your games.

The front of the Land Raider features an assault ramp which can be glued shut or modelled to open and close. If left unglued it reveals the internal detail of the Land Raider featuring deck plating and a communications panel featuring all manner of dials, buttons and video screens. Also included are options to include smoke launchers, a pintle-mounted storm bolter, missile launcher, radar dish and a variety of top hatches that can be modelled as either open or closed, as well as the option to include a Space Marine Techmarine in one of the hatches.

This kit comprises 101 components, and is supplied with an Ultramarines vehicle transfer sheet.