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The Horus Heresy: Raven Guard Legion Transfer Sheet (Online Exclusive) 10% Off

£20.00 £18.00

The Raven Guard are a Legion of unseen and unlooked-for liberators, defending humanity under the principles of the prison-moon, Deliverance. The XIX Legion strikes from the shadows, using stealth and reconnaissance as weapons more deadly than any bolter. Patient and cunning, the sons of Corax are an omen of death for the Imperium's foes – and a symbol of freedom for its people.

This A4-sized sheet contains 842 high-quality, full-colour waterslide transfers – more than enough for all but the largest Legiones Astartes forces. These transfers allow you to easily customise your miniatures with detailed imagery, specifically designed for the Raven Guard Legion. The sheet features accurate Legion icons and numerals, company markings, and squad designations, as well as a variety of decorative insignias, honours, large vehicle badges, and banner art for your Raven Guard army – including gothic text decals, corvine Lycaean iconography, and the Legion's own streamlined and utilitarian tactical signifiers.