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Star Wars: Legion - Blizzard Force (Pre-Order 19/08/22)

£149.99 £119.99

Your players can begin building their invincible Imperial armies and
jump into the battles of Star Wars: Legion with this Battle Force!
Carrying out the orders of Darth Vader himself, the renowned Blizzard
Force crushed the Rebel resistance on Hoth and this Battle Force puts
everything players need to construct and play their own Galactic Empire
armies at their fingertips, including the commander version of Darth
Vader from the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, three units of Imperial
Snowtroopers, an AT-ST, a unit of 74-Z Speeder Bikes, and a new
Stormtrooper Heavy Response Unit. In addition to these units, players
will also find a complete set of basic command cards, reprints of Darth
Vader’s three command cards from the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, and
three new command cards representing the tactics used by the Imperial
forces on Hoth for use exclusively by Blizzard Force. Rounding out this
set are 26 reprinted upgrade cards that give aspiring Imperial
commanders everything they need to outfit their Battle Force and crush
all those that stand in their way.