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*Prince Vhordrai (Online Exclusive) 10% Off

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Prince Vhordrai is the first amongst Blood Knights, venerated as nothing less than a saint of slaughter by these undead cavaliers. His crusades of blood are the stuff of legend amongst their knightly orders. Many Blood Knights still regard it as a pilgrimage to seek out the Crimson Keep, and feast on the blood of worthy foes at the prince’s side. He is Nagash’s armoured fist, a blunt instrument of death who rides forth with his Blood Knight retinue to slaughter and terrorise those who displease the God of Death.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to build Prince Vhordrai, riding a Zombie Dragon. The Zombie Dragon is an enormous skeletal beast, with ragged wings that stretch out between exposed bones, each of which possess thick muscle fibres. Its large, demonic skull features prominent teeth and a long tongue. A Vampire Lord – the Prince – sits atop the beast, bedecked with armour, chains, a shield and a lance.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 85 components, a a Citadel 130mm Round base and a Citadel 25mm Round base.

When building the kit as Prince Vhordrai, you can also assemble an Abhorrant Ghoul King on foot. Optionally, you can build the kit as a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, a Terrorgheist, a Zombie Dragon, an Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, or an Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon