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Layer Paint Collection NEW 10% OFF

£259.55 £233.59

Get the Layer paints you need to unleash your creativity in this massive bundle! We’re taken all 94 Layer paints and put them in one place for your convenience.

Layer paints have a lighter pigment count than Base paints, meaning they can be applied in multiple layers to help bring out extra detail on your miniatures. They're particularly great for edge highlighting.

This bundle contains:

Layer: Administratum Grey (12ml)
Layer: Ahriman Blue (12ml)
Layer: Alaitoc Blue (12ml)
Layer: Altdorf Guard Blue (12ml)
Layer: Auric Armour Gold (12ml)
Layer: Balor Brown (12ml)
Layer: Baneblade Brown (12ml)
Layer: Bestigor Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Brass Scorpion (12ml)
Layer: Cadian Fleshtone (12ml)
Layer: Calgar Blue (12ml)
Layer: Dark Reaper (12ml)
Layer: Dawnstone (12ml)
Layer: Deathclaw Brown (12ml)
Layer: Deepkin Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Doombull Brown (12ml)
Layer: Elysian Green (12ml)
Layer: Emperor's Children (12ml)
Layer: Eshin Grey (12ml)
Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet (12ml)
Layer: Fenrisian Grey (12ml)
Layer: Fire Dragon Bright (12ml)
Layer: Flash Gitz Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Flayed One Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Fulgurite Copper (12ml)
Layer: Gehenna's Gold (12ml)
Layer: Genestealer Purple (12ml)
Layer: Gorthor Brown (12ml)
Layer: Hashut Copper (12ml)
Layer: Hoeth Blue (12ml)
Layer: Ironbreaker (12ml)
Layer: Kabalite Green (12ml)
Layer: Karak Stone (12ml)
Layer: Kislev Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Liberator Gold (12ml)
Layer: Loren Forest (12ml)
Layer: Lothern Blue (12ml)
Layer: Moot Green (12ml)
Layer: Nurgling Green (12ml)
Layer: Ogryn Camo (12ml)
Layer: Pallid Wych Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Pink Horror (12ml)
Layer: Runefang Steel (12ml)
Layer: Runelord Brass (12ml)
Layer: Russ Grey (12ml)
Layer: Screaming Skull (12ml)
Layer: Skarsnik Green (12ml)
Layer: Skavenblight Dinge (12ml)
Layer: Skrag Brown (12ml)
Layer: Skullcrusher Brass (12ml)
Layer: Slaanesh Grey (12ml)
Layer: Sotek Green (12ml)
Layer: Squig Orange (12ml)
Layer: Stormhost Silver (12ml)
Layer: Stormvermin Fur (12ml)
Layer: Straken Green (12ml)
Layer: Sybarite Green (12ml)
Layer: Sycorax Bronze (12ml)
Layer: Tallarn Sand (12ml)
Layer: Tau Light Ochre (12ml)
Layer: Teclis Blue (12ml)
Layer: Temple Guard Blue (12ml)
Layer: Thunderhawk Blue (12ml)
Layer: Troll Slayer Orange (12ml)
Layer: Tuskgor Fur (12ml)
Layer: Ulthuan Grey (12ml)
Layer: Ungor Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Ushabti Bone (12ml)
Layer: Warboss Green (12ml)
Layer: Warpfiend Grey (12ml)
Layer: Warpstone Glow (12ml)
Layer: Wazdakka Red (12ml)
Layer: White Scar (12ml)
Layer: Wild Rider Red (12ml)
Layer: Xereus Purple (12ml)
Layer: Yriel Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Zamesi Desert (12ml)
Layer: Gauss Blaster Green (12ml)
Layer: Baharroth Blue (12ml)
Layer: Dorn Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Fulgrim Pink (12ml)
Layer: Dechala Lilac (12ml)
Layer: Krieg Khaki (12ml)
Layer: Blue Horror (12ml)
Layer: Lugganath Orange (12ml)
Layer: Kakophoni Purple (12ml)
Layer: Sons Of Horus Green (12ml)
Layer: Phalanx Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Castellax Bronze (12ml)
Layer: Vulkan Green (12ml)
Layer: Word Bearers Red (12ml)
Layer: Bloodreaver Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Knight-Questor Flesh (12ml)