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Grail Knights (Online Exclusive) 10% Off

£37.50 £33.75

Grail Knights have drank from the Grail and are subsequently changed forever – they now exude an aura of power and purity, their physical prowess has grown by an order of magnitude, and their lifespans are many times that of ordinary men. These knights are committed to the service of the Lady and the Grail – a bond that can only be broken by death.

This multipart kit builds three metal Grail Knights mounted on plastic warhorses, forming an elite unit of knights for your Kingdom of Bretonnia army. Their thunderous charge will shift the tides of battle, and their heavy armour, shields, and barding will keep them intact until they can be unleashed. Each warrior bears their own personal heraldry, with moulded devices on their shields and ornamentation on their helmets.

This kit contains 21 metal and plastic components, and comes with 3x Citadel 30mm by 60mm Rectangular Slotta Bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.