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*Stormcast Eternals: Desolators (15% Off)

£45.00 £38.25

The Desolators form the ultimate attack wave of the Dracothian Guard. It is their task to finish the battle, for they are the final judgement of the Heavens. Lightning arcs between the Desolators’ axe strokes, a cumulative fury that scythes down all who have not fallen before the burning bolts spat by the Dracoths. Against their celestial reckoning, none may escape.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble two Dracothian Guard Desolators, armed with thunderaxes and sigmarite shields and each mounted on a ferocious Dracoth.

This kit also allows you to make any of the following Dracothian Guard variants:
- Fulminators armed with stormstrike glaives and sigmarite shields;
- Tempestors, armed with volleystorm crossbows, warblade and sigmarite shields;
- Concussors, armed with lightning hammers and sigmarite shields.

One Dracothian Guard can also be optionally assembled as Lord-Celestant on Dracoth armed with a selection of weapons including tempestos hammer, thunderaxe, lightning hammer, stormstrike glaive and sigmarite shield.

This kit comes in 80 components and is supplied with two 90x52mm Citadel Oval bases.