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Air Paint Collection NEW 10% OFF

£370.50 £333.45

Looking to airbrush your Citadel models? Look no further than this massive bundle of Air paints! We've taken all 78 paints and gathered them in one place for your convenience.

Air paints pair seamlessly with the rest of the Citadel Colour range, featuring a thinner formulation that makes them work perfectly with your airbrush. These paints will give you the tools you need to accomplish any painting project you can dream up.

This bundle contains:

Air: Averland Sunset (24ml)
Air: Mephiston Red (24ml)
Air: Khorne Red (24ml)
Air: Kantor Blue (24ml)
Air: Macragge Blue (24ml)
Air: Caledor Sky (24ml)
Air: Caliban Green (24ml)
Air: Castellan Green (24ml)
Air: Deathworld Forest (24ml)
Air: Zandri Dust (24ml)
Air: Mournfang Brown (24ml)
Air: XV-88 (24ml)
Air: Dryad Bark (24ml)
Air: Mechanicus Standard Grey (24ml)
Air: Abaddon Black (24ml)
Air: Leadbelcher (24ml)
Air: Balthasar Gold (24ml)
Air: Steel Legion Drab (24ml)
Air: The Fang (24ml)
Air: Flash Gitz Yellow (24ml)
Air: Troll Slayer Orange (24ml)
Air: Evil Sunz Scarlet (24ml)
Air: Genestealer Purple (24ml)
Air: Calgar Blue (24ml)
Air: Lothern Blue (24ml)
Air: Temple Guard Blue (24ml)
Air: Sybarite Green (24ml)
Air: Moot Green (24ml)
Air: Warboss Green (24ml)
Air: Straken Green (24ml)
Air: Elysian Green (24ml)
Air: Ogryn Camo (24ml)
Air: Ushabti Bone (24ml)
Air: Caste Thinner (24ml)
Air: Tallarn Sand (24ml)
Air: Karak Stone (24ml)
Air: Kislev Flesh (24ml)
Air: Deathclaw Brown (24ml)
Air: Tau Light Ochre (24ml)
Air: Balor Brown (24ml)
Air: Tuskgor Fur (24ml)
Air: Baneblade Brown (24ml)
Air: Dawnstone (24ml)
Air: Administratum Grey (24ml)
Air: Ulthuan Grey (24ml)
Air: White Scar (24ml)
Air: Ironbreaker (24ml)
Air: Runefang Steel (24ml)
Air: Relictor Gold (24ml)
Air: Russ Grey (24ml)
Air: Fenrisian Grey (24ml)
Air: Terminatus Stone (24ml)
Air: Angron Red Clear (24ml)
Air: Calth Blue Clear (24ml)
Air: Deathshroud Clear (24ml)
Air: Eidolon Purple Clear (24ml)
Air: Mortarion Green (24ml)
Air: Phoenician Purple (24ml)
Air: Pyroclast Orange Clear (24ml)
Air: Sigismund Yellow Clear (24ml)
Air: Night Lords Blue (24ml)
Air: Death Korps Drab (24ml)
Air: Vulkan Green (24ml)
Air: Corvus Black (24ml)
Air: Chemos Purple (24ml)
Air: Typhon Ash (24ml)
Air: Sons Of Horus Green (24ml)
Air: Phalanx Yellow (24ml)
Air: Kakophoni Purple (24ml)
Air: Nocturne Green (24ml)
Air: Lupercal Green (24ml)
Air: Gal Vorbak Red (24ml)
Air: Word Bearers Red (24ml)
Air: Castellax Bronze (24ml)
Air: Valdor Gold (24ml)
Air: Iron Hands Steel (24ml)
Air: Grey Knights Steel (24ml)
Air: Thallax Gold (24ml)