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1-48 Tactic Rupert Schneider - German 26th Volksgrenadier


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A Soldier even before 1939, Rupert has always been a devoted religious man and a fervent prayer. He never doubted that a good German should be both a believer in Christianity and a supporter of Nazism.

Name: Obergefreiter Rupert Schneider
Faction: German Volksgrenadier Divisions
Armament: Kar98k Bolt Action rifle + ZF42 telescopic sight
AP Cost: 7
Key Trait: Sniper


  • 1x 36mm (1:48) scale multi-part metal (lead-free) figure with two alternative heads (with and without a helmet)
  • 1x Strategy card
  • 1x 25mm round plastic slot base

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • This figure IS NOT included in the GERMAN HEER - 26th Volksgrenadier Division Starter Pack Starter Pack.