Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Pack Battle Royal Booster Pack (3 cards)


Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Pack Battle Royal Booster Pack (3 cards)

Each booster pack contains 3 randomly distributed cards with 1 guaranteed Starfoil Card.

Set Information

The cards are taken from a set of 50 cards which are all available as Commons AND as Starfoils. This means a whole bunch of cards never seen before as Starfoils, and a great value for money.

Star Pack – Battle Royal contains some of the most popular cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V animated TV series, so Duelists now have an easy way to get their hands on Performapal Secondonkey, Yosenjus’ Secret Move, Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir, and Frightfur Fusion!

The Star Pack – Battle Royal set contains 49 Common Cards and 1 Starfoil only card. (All 49 Common Cards are also available as Starfoil Cards.)

- Release date: 9 March 2017
- 3 card Booster Pack, 50 packs per display
- 50 card set (all reprints) - all the cards are from the Arc-V Anime (each card appears in at least one episode)
- 49 cards are available in 2 versions, Common and Starfoil Rare.
- 1 card is available as Starfoil Rare only. Each Booster contains 2 Common cards and 1 Starfoil card.