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Join the Contrast revolution with this paint-packed bundle! We've made getting into the new Contrast Method of painting simple by packing all 34 of the new Contrast paints together for your convenience, giving you plenty to experiment with.

Contrast is a revolutionary paint that makes beautiful painting simple and fast. Each Contrast paint, when applied over a light undercoat of Grey Seer or Wraithbone, gives you a vivid base and realistic shading all in a single application.

This bundle contains:

Contrast: Iyanden Yellow (18ml)
Contrast: Gryph-hound Orange (18ml)
Contrast: Blood Angels Red (18ml)
Contrast: Flesh Tearers Red (18ml)
Contrast: Volupus Pink (18ml)
Contrast: Shyish Purple (18ml)
Contrast: Magos Purple (18ml)
Contrast: Leviadon Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Ultramarines Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Akhelian Green (18ml)
Contrast: Dark Angels Green (18ml)
Contrast: Nazdreg Yellow (18ml)
Contrast: Ork Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Creed Camo (18ml)
Contrast: Militarum Green (18ml)
Contrast: Aggaros Dunes (18ml)
Contrast: Skeleton Horde (18ml)
Contrast: Snakebite Leather (18ml)
Contrast: Gore-grunta Fur (18ml)
Contrast: Cygor Brown (18ml)
Contrast: Wyldwood (18ml)
Contrast: Fyreslayer Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Guilliman Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Darkoath Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Apothecary White (18ml)
Contrast: Gryph-charger Grey (18ml)
Contrast: Space Wolves Grey (18ml)
Contrast: Basilicanum Grey (18ml)
Contrast: Black Templar (18ml)
Contrast: Talassar Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Warp Lightning (18ml)
Contrast: Aethermatic Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Plaguebearer Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Terradon Turquoise (18ml)