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UNIT D&D Figurines of Adorable Power: Bulette


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The most adorable Land Shark we’ve ever seen.

D&D can be extremely adorable when it needs to be. It’s all sort of baked right in to the monsters, whether we’re talking about baby owlbears, gray renders, floating flumphs, or even yuan-ti abominations. But the inherent adorableness of the monsters is not enough, especially when you can’t, say, display them on your desk, or whatever horizontal surface you find most in need of a cuddly creature. Or vertical ones, if you’ve got glue and patience. That’s where Ultra Pro’s Figurines of Adorable Power come in. These are figurines of D&D monsters, but rendered in an adorable, almost chibi fashion to show that even the most menacing monster may be made soft and sweet and in need of a home.