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Start Collecting! Idoneth Deepkin Collection 20% Off

£80.00 £64.00

Start Collecting! Idoneth Deepkin Collection 20% Off

If you’re looking to start an Idoneth Deepkin army, we’ve got you covered! This bundle contains both the battletome you’ll need to play your army, plus the money-saving Start Collecting! set, making it a great place to begin your journey. In this bundle, you’ll find:

1x Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin – your essential guide to these soul-stealing raiders, with rules, art and lore
1x Start Collecting! Idoneth Deepkin, a boxed set containing:
1x Isharann Soulrender – a Hero to lead your army who can restore fallen Namarti to life
10x Namarti Thralls – a deadly close-combat unit that carves enemies apart with Lanmari blades, with an optional icon bearer and various aesthetic customisation choices
3x Akhelian Guard – assemble yours as unbreakable Ishlaen Guard or lightning-spewing Morrsarr Guard