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Start Collecting! Fyreslayers Collection 20% Off

£85.00 £68.00

Start Collecting! Fyreslayers Collection 20% Off

Looking to kick off a Fyreslayers army? This the perfect place to start. In this bundle, you’ll get a great selection of models for starting your own force of Fyreslayers, including a pair of Heros and a unit for them to lead, in addition to Battletome: Fyreslayers. This tome of arcane lore is packed with art, stories and rules to help you field your own Fyreslayers force on the tabletop.

This bundle contains:
1x Battletome: Fyreslayers
1x Start Collecting! Fyreslayers – a set which contains:
- 1x Auric Runefather on Magmadroth, which can optionally be assembled as an Auric Runeson or Auric Runemaster on Magmadroth
- 1x Auric Runesmiter armed with a choice of fyresteel throwing axe and runic iron
- 1x Auric Runeson with fyresteel throwing axe and wyrmslayer javelins;
- 10x Vulkite Berserkers, featuring fyresteel handaxes, war-picks and bladed slingshields, with one that can be assembled as a Karl, with ornate fyresteel handaxe or war-pick