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*Saurus Sunblood (Online Exclusive) 10% Off

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Saurus Sunblood (Online Exclusive) 10% Off

Forged over centuries of battle and strife, a Saurus Sunblood is merely steps away from being a pure manifestation of the power of Azyr. Instinctual warriors who perceive an enemies’ weaknesses as other might perceive the blood of the wounded, they are rare amongst the seraphon - living relics, ancient beyond belief. Champions that walk in the Mortal Realms with the goal of destroying Chaos wherever it can be found, the Sunbloods, clutching weapons wreathed in halos, roaring their dominance to the war-torn skies, blaze forward in an unstoppable demonstration of Azyrite might.

This kit contains the components necessary to assemble one Saurus Sunblood, a finely-detailed six-piece resin miniature armed with a celestite war-mace and aeon shield. Supplied with one Citadel 32mm Round base.