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MESBG: The Great Battle "of Companies" of our Time

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Hello friends, it's time for a Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game: Battle Company Campaign!
This is going to be a once-a-month campaign, and the first day of the campaign will be on Saturday, July 23rd.
Registration is at 4pm with kick off at 4.30pm
The evening will see three scenarios played (each with their own special rules depending on the board you play on): Tame the Beast (p. 78), Chance Encounter (p. 75) and Stand your Ground (p. 79)
Since this is going to be an all evening event, we are asking players to only commit if you are able to be there the whole time to ensure everyone has an opponent!
Some other ground rules in addition to the usual store rules are:
1. Unpainted warbands are welcome, we are just looking to roll dice, friends!
2. Conversions and proxies are fine, just so long as your opponent knows what is what.
3. Ensure that both players are present for end of game rolls, (i.e. recovery and reinforcement rolls) to keep things fair and running smoothly.
4. Arrive with extra models ready in the event that you gain new models throughout the campaign.
5. Once you are signed up, please do your best to show up ON TIME and ready to roll!
We are looking for between 4-10 players as well as an even split of Good and Evil players.
The table rentals will be the usual £4
Also if people were willing to chip in £1 each game night it would help me print off themed scenery for the campaign as it progresses, would ask if you wanted to do this if you could bring in cash for this.
If you're interested, please message me with your faction so I can get a roster going either through the shop page or via the Discord (
Hope to see you there!