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Masters of Ruin 20% Off

£57.50 £46.00

Masters of Ruin 20% Off

Lead your Chaos army with this sinister collection of commanders! We've taken three of the most useful HQ choices available to the Heretic Astartes and gathered them together in one bundle for your convenience. With it, you’ll be able to command your units and duel enemies with the ever-versatile Chaos Lord, enhance your units with the incantations of the Dark Apostle and his followers, or hunt your most hated foes with the hero-slaying Master of Executions. Together, you’ll be able to fit them neatly into a Supreme Command Detachment, making them easy to add to any Chaos army.

This bundle contains:

1x Chaos Lord
1x Dark Apostle (including 2 Dark Disciples)
1x Master of Executions