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*Tau Empire KV128 Stormsurge Super-heavy Detachment (15% Off)

£330.00 £280.50

Fitted with thrusters to counter recoil, bristling with pulse weaponry and missile pods, the Stormsurge is the T'au Empire's Titan killer. In the largest battles, when Titan-class war machines stalk the battlefield, the T'au Empire deploys squadrons of KV128 Stormsurge weapons platforms.

In this bundle you will find everything you need to build a KV128 Stormsurge Super-heavy Detachment for your Apocalypse games – three powerful war machines that between them can take down anything short of a Warlord Titan, they're the perfect addition to any force from the T'au Empire.

– 3x KV128 Stormsurge, each a highly poseable plastic kit with masses of weapons and customisation options

Rules for using the KV128 Stormsurge in Warhammer 40,000 can be found in Codex: T'au Empire. You can download its Apocalypse datasheet from