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Industrial Terrain Collection 10% Off (Online Exclusive)

£225.00 £202.50

This bundle is a great way to get your hands on an enormous collection of Sector Mechanicus scenery – every piece in here is compatible with one another, meaning you can build vast, multi-level battlefields for your miniatures.

It includes a Galvanic Magnavent, Promethium Forge, Galvanic Servohaulers, Ferratonic Furnace, Alchomite Stack and a Ferratonic Incinerator – these kits feature a massive array of central tanks, walkways, ladders and platforms. There’s also plenty of sidewalls and supporting legs, which can all be locked into place and later removed via the plug-in holes on each.

Every piece of the kit is covered in details – fans, vents, pipework and Adeptus Mechanicus symbols adorn every surface. Your imagination is the only limit – no two gaming tables ever need look the same!