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Harbingers of Decay - Patrol Detachment 20% Off

£90.00 £72.00

Harbingers of Decay - Patrol Detachment 20% Off

A quick and easy way to get started with a Death Guard collection, this bundle gives you everything you need to field a Patrol Detachment, as outlined in the Warhammer 40,000 book. When using this Detachment, the nearby presence of Typhus enhances the abilities of the Poxwalkers, making them far more resilient and likely to overwhelm your opponents on the gaming table. You’ll receive:

- Typhus, Herald of Nurgle, wielding a master-crafted manreaper;
- a 5-man set of Blightlord Terminators, armed with combi-bolters, baleswords and bubotic axes, with plasma, flamer and melta combi-bolters available to the Champion;
- 3 sets of 6 Easy To Build Poxwalkers, armed with hammers, chains, planks of wood and metal pipes with nails in, made more powerful by Typhus' presence.

The bundle includes 18 Citadel 25mm Round bases, 5 Citadel 40mm bases and a Citadel 50mm Round base.