Fyreslayers Essentials Collection 20% Off

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Fyreslayers Essentials Collection 20% Off

Get the essentials for your Fyreslayer army in this handy bundle! We've taken the essentials of any Fyreslayer army and gathered them in one place for your convenience. Order this bundle, and you'll get the rules you need to make the most of your Fyreslayers, plus the Magmic Invocations – summoned avatars of flaming wrath brought to battle by your Priests – as well as a set of easy-reference Warscroll Cards, and custom Fyreslayers dice.

This bundle contains:

1x Battletome: Fyreslayers
1x Magmic Invocations: Fyreslayers – a set of three summoned manifestations usable by your Fyreslayers Priests
1x Fyreslayers Dice
1x Warscroll Cards: Fyreslayers