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Colours Of Chaos 10% Off

£63.00 £56.70

Colours Of Chaos 10% Off

Our painting experts have come together to help produce a list of all the essential Citadel paints you'll need to get your deadly legion of Chaos fit for purpose on the battlefield.

Includes 16 high-quality Citadel paints in 12ml pots:

- Khorne Red
- Zandri Dust
- Bugman’s Glow
- Rhinox Hide
- Abaddon Black
- Rakarth Flesh
- Leadbelcher
- Balthasar Gold
- Evil Sunz Scarlet
- Ushabti Bone
- Cadian Fleshtone
- Gorthor Brown
- Dawnstone (Layer)
- Pallid Wych Flesh
- Runefang Steel
- Flayed One Flesh

Also includes the following Citadel Shade paints in 24ml pots:

- Carroburg Crimson
- Agrax Earthshade
- Reikland Fleshshade
- Nuln Oil