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Chaos Space Marine Essentials 15% Off

£47.50 £40.37

Chaos Space Marine Essentials 15% Off

If you're looking to start a Chaos Space Marines army, make sure to grab yourself this bundle! We've taken the codex, datacards and dice, and put them in one place for your convenience. With them, you'll have the rules and accessories you need to conquer the galaxy with your very own army of superhuman killers!

This bundle contains:
1x Chaos Space Marines Datacards – reference cards that make keeping track of stratagems, psychic powers and tactical objectives simple
1x Chaos Space Marines dice – themed to match your army
1x Codex: Chaos Space Marines, your complete guide to these superhuman traitors, including:
- Rules for every Chaos Space Marine unit
- Rich lore that brings the background of the Chaos Space Marines to life, illustrated with stunning art
- Rules for customising your army with Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Legion rules and more