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Blood Bowl Tomb Kings Team 10% Off Pre-order (Online Exclusive) - Made to order and delivered withn 30 working days

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Teams of Tomb Kings players hail from the scorching deserts far to the south and travel from game to game on great barges bedecked with all the finery of their proud and ancient kingdoms. Each team is led by a liche priest, an ancient wizard who holds the team together, quite literally, as well as fulfilling all the normal roles you’d expect from a head coach. The team itself is mostly made up of the skeletons of long-dead players who were sealed into the tombs alongside their deceased sponsors in millennia past, bound to play on by eternal contracts, rounded out with mighty Tomb Guardians, dauntless revenants who are an utter terror in the midfield.

This Tier 2 team plays for the Sylvanian Spotlight league, granting them full access to a variety of undead Star Players. Their rules are fully compatible with the latest edition of Blood Bowl, and the classic metal models are a treat for anyone with a hankering for nostalgia. The classic undead skeletal look is a fine contrast to the more thoroughly fleshed-out teams of the modern era.

This classic set includes the following players, all of which are metal and come supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Slotta Base:

- 6x Skeleton Linemen
- 2x Anointed Throwers
- 2x Anointed Blitzers
- 2x Tomb Guardians

The rules for Tomb Kings Blood Bowl Teams can be found in the Teams of Legend section of the Warhammer Community Downloads page.

These models are available until 6pm BST on the 17th of October 2021 via Made to Order. Once this period is over, your order will be cast and shipped within 30 days. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel paint