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Akhelian Corps 20% Off

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Akhelian Corps 20% Off

Field the Akhelian Corps – a Warscroll Battalion found in Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin – with this bundle. The Akhelians are the sharpened tip of the Idoneth Deepkin army. Drawn from the battalions that make up the phalanx, the Akhelian Corps are a battle-hardened wing of fast-moving sea cavalry. Their charge crashes upon the enemy with line-breaking force. Included:

- 2 sets of 3 Akhelian Ishalen Guard: mounted upon lithe Fangmora Eels, these Idoneth warriors wield helsabres and galv-shields, with options for a musician, standard bearer and unit leader – a Lochian Prince. These can optionally be assembled as Morrsarr Guard;
- An Akhelian Allopex: a fierce-looking bond-beast ridden by 2 Akhelian Guard, 1 of which is guiding the Allopex and the other manning a ranged weapon – a razorshell harpoon launcher which can be optionally built as a retarius net launcher;
- An Akhelian Leviadon: a large, 90 component centrepiece model featuring a howdah containing a Void Drummer and 2 crew, who man razorshell harpoon launchers. The Leviadon itself is a huge beast fitted with blades and spurs along its fins, tails and head. Supplied with a selection of extras – bottles, jars, bags, lamp cases, cauldrons and nets which can be used to decorate the howdah, giving it a lived-in atmosphere.