Please note that our Contact Form is currently not working, so please use Facebook for questions.

The store is currently closed , but website will be open as normal.

Click and collect should be able to resume early April, and the store open end of April if the guidelines stay as announced.

Games Workshop themselves are currently running a reduced capacity and range and some items may not be available right away. These will be placed on back-order until they are.

Online exclusive items can face up to a 30 day delay due to Games Workshop being behind on shipping. Normal items will face an up to 6 day delay due to them being behind on store orders. This is just an estimate and may be longer if the item is out of stock.

Rest assured any orders placed will be sorted a.s.a.p!!. I appreciate any orders still coming in to support the store in these difficult times.

If you place an order please note I will not be able to refund them at a later date if you decide you don't want to wait. So please make sure you are willing to wait however long is needed. As we will of already ordered the item for you.

I wish all my customers the best and hope you all stay well and safe. I look forward to seeing many of you in store.